What We Do

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Value Added Training (With specialties in Data Management, Analysis and Reporting)
  • Design and Develop Portal Systems on SharePoint
  • Customization of Financial Analysis and Balanced Score Model
  • Implement Business Intelligence System
  • Application Acquisition Consultancy


Our Product

  • Robot S (Intelligent and Automated Platform) – www.smsplusplus.com
  • SMS++
  • Electronic Financial and Surveillance System (Efass- CBN Reporting Portal)
  • Church Manager (Microsoft Access Based)


Business Intelligence Consultancy

We offer training, consultancy services and implementation of Business Intelligence systems. The range of our business intelligence systems starts from using the advanced functionality in Excel and PowerPivot for Excel to implement self-service business intelligent to implementing Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution using Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack (SharePoint, PerformancePoint, Visio, PowerPiovt, SQL Server Analysis Services and other)

Our Approach

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Portal System Development and Implementation

We are specialist in design and implementation of customized tailored portal systems that address the business rules of our clients with utmost consideration given to best practices

Our portal systems usually have the capability to interface with clients’ operation database, (Oracle, MS Server, Sybase, Access)



Electronic Financial and Surveillance System

CBN/NDIC, financial institutions are required to send specified returns to these regulatory authorities at regular interval daily, mid-month, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual

The T-EFASS software package is a Web-based solution that enables any bank or other financial institutions send its balance sheet items, loan portfolio, and other required return items to the Central Bank of Nigeria and Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation in the specified XML format.

T-Efass is designed to help retrieve this required information from any of the following sources

  • Directly from any ANSI/ISO SQL 92 compliant RDBMS.
  • Microsoft Excel 97/2000 Spreadsheet
  • Manual data entry

SMS++  links to a website

Church Manage

Access base application use for managing church records from services details, members, tracking meeting attendant (more details)

Download trial version

SharePoint Consulting: –

Over the years we has channeled our resources in developing skills and competency in exploring the world of SharePoint 2010 “The Platform for solution of solutions”

Our SharePoint Consulting Services include but not limited to

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Leveraging SharePoint as a strategic Platform for forms and Workflow
  • Implementing Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Branding
  • Training


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