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Why Community Empowerment Programmes are needed Locally

The objective of the Community Empowerment Programme (CEP) is to facilitate the process for the community to make use of ICT to fully participate in the socio-economic development of Nigeria.  The CEP is in line with the Government programme to encourage the development of local content and creativity. The CEP will contribute for the development of Nigeria  in the following ways:

– Bring together the country’s development stakeholders to build a strong online network of local, regional and global development communities on the web. Address the needs of various communities in Nigeria including NGOs, academic and private sectors and professionals.

– Democratise access to ICT.

– Provide comprehensive, high quality information about the country, its economic and social structure.

– Help to reduce the “Digital Divide” by providing concerned online information.

– Stimulate the development and production of local content on the Internet.

To date, more than 172 computer clubs with free Internet access have been set up in 23 youth centres, 17 women centres, 53 social welfare centres, 74 community centres and 3 day-care centres across the island. Around 300,000 people have been able to make use of the facilities. It is envisaged to spread computer clubs in 118 more Centres during 2012 including village hall and NGOs. A CEP web portal will host the contents of 80 villages online.

But still, we need to do more

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