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Training Service (Preamble)

Research has shown that employee/employer spend enormous amount of time while performing job related task with computer software, which has adverse effect on their productivity both at work and other aspect of life.

Our training programs are focused on one thing enhancing productivity of Africa workforce. The main objective of our training programs is to make our participants improve their proficient in delivering accurate and timely reports as it relates their job tasks

Also because of the huge knowledge gap in managing ,analyzing and transforming data to information, a lot  of information use for strategic decision are made from off –beam information. Some of our training programs are well structured to fill this gap.

Why our training programs are outstanding?

  1. We train to add visible and tangible value
  2. We training with the mindset of enhancing your productivity
  1. We don’t train from the manual; we train from experience and the heart
  2. We use real life experience and work related scenarios in our training program
  3. We know every class is unique
  4. We know every participant is also unique
  5. We train with passion
  6. We focus on our strength to make us better
  7. We  can assist you implement what we teach
  8. Mostly importantly we build a lasting relationship with you


Our Courses

  • Creating Professional Documents using the Advanced Features of Word 2010/2010
  • Balanced Scorecard and Dashboard Reporting
  • Automating Reporting and Business Processes using VBA and Macros
  • Implementing Self-Service Business Intelligence with PowerPivot for Excel
  • Effective and Efficiency Techniques in Excel 2007/2010
  • Data Analysis, Business Modeling and Reporting with Excel
  • Implementing Enterprise Business Intelligence with SharePoint 2010
  • Structures Query Language (SQL), T-SQL, and PL-SQL for Non IT professionals


Course Summary





Proposed Date

Price (=N=)

Effective and Efficiency Techniques in Excel 2010 2 Days Excel Data Management


Data Analysis, Business Modeling and Reporting with Excel 3 Days Excel Data Management/Analysis
Using VBA and Macro for automating Reporting Process 3 Days Excel Data Management
Financial Modeling and Financial Analysis 3 Days Excel Data Management
Self-Service Business Intelligence with PowerPivot 3 Days PowerPivot BI/Data Management
Structured Query Language for non IT professional 3 Days MS SQL Server (query) Data Management
Balanced Scorecard, Data Visualization and Dashboard Reporting 3 Days Excel
Creating Professional Document using Advanced Features of MS Word 1 Day Presentation
SharePoint Overview 2 Days SharePoint


Developing Workflow with Infopath 3 Days SharePoint
Introduction SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence 3 Days SharePoint
Advanced SharePoint Business Intelligence 8 Classes SharePoint


Business Intelligence Consultancy

We offer training, consultancy services and implementation of Business Intelligence systems. The range of our business intelligence systems starts from using the advanced functionality in Excel and PowerPivot for Excel to implement self-service business intelligent to implementing Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution using Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack (SharePoint, PerformancePoint, Visio, PowerPiovt, SQL Server Analysis Services and other)

Our Approach

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Portal System Development and Implementation

We are specialist in design and implementation of customized tailored portal systems that address the business rules of our clients with utmost consideration given to best practices

Our portal systems usually have the capability to interface with clients’ operation database, (Oracle, MS Server, Sybase, Access)

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